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Abortion and Breast Cancer Link:
Fact or Fiction?

By Cindy Welgoss, RN, BSN


Too often tensions arise between those involved in the Pro-Life movement and those involved in the cause for a woman's "right to choose." Even my quotation marks around "right to choose" can invoke emotion. What ARE the choices presented to a woman when she crosses the threshold of an abortion clinic? Is she being equipped for an

informed choice? At SLM our mission is to provide her with professional input within the context of a God who loves her.



In the last 30 years, advanced research in the areas of developmental and molecular breast biology has reinforced there being an abortion/breast cancer (ABC) link. In 1996, Dr. Joel Brind and colleagues published a review of studies in the British Medical Association's Epidemiology Journal suggesting a 30% chance of increased risk for breast cancer in a woman who had had an abortion. A second article, "The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link - Those Stubborn Facts Again," pointed towards a reduction of breast cancer risk after the completion of a full-term pregnancy.


A publication by Dr. Yubei Huang and colleagues in 2013, pooled 36 studies that had researched the ABC link up until 2012. This "study of studies," shared in the prestigious peer-reviewed international cancer journal, "Cancer Causes and Control," found that women with one elective abortion had a 44% greater chance of developing breast cancer than those who had not.


The Physiological Development of Breast Tissue

At SLM, as clients hear about studies that link abortion to a higher risk of breast cancer, they want to know WHY.  We explain the physiology; that is, women are born with Type 1 lobules, a lobule being a unit of breast tissue comprised of a milk duct with surrounding mammary glands. During puberty, she develops more Type 1 lobules, some of which will become Type 2 lobules as the breast enlarges. By the end of puberty, the breast consists of approximately 75% Type 1 lobules and 25% Type 2 lobules. Both types are susceptible to breast cancer.


In pregnancy, the first 20 weeks of gestation marks the period of additional breast development. As the breast doubles in volume, Type 1 and Type 2 lobules increase. AFTER week 20, these immature, cancer-susceptible Type 1 and Type 2 lobules mature into the cancer-resistant Type 3 and Type 4 lobules. (Type 4 lobules are capable of producing milk.) At 32 weeks gestation, the Type 4 lobules can help protect a mother against breast cancer. This protection incrementally increases until, at 40 weeks gestation, her breast consists of 70-90% Type 4, cancer- resistant lobules. After delivery, whether breast feeding or not, the breast tissue regresses into Type 3 lobules retaining her protection against cancer.


WHY then, can we factually link Elective Abortions with Breast Cancer?

Based on the physiology described above, the woman who chooses to terminate before 20 weeks gestation has already experienced growth of the cancer-susceptible Type 1 and Type 2 breast tissue lobules. Only by carrying the pregnancy to term will the cancer-resistant Type 3 and 4 lobules have a chance to develop-which would decrease her risk of developing breast cancer in the future. 


Further Review

The topic of the Abortion Breast Cancer Link may surely bring other questions to mind, primarily those regarding other interruptions to pregnancy (pre-mature delivery before 32 weeks, miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.) and their links to the risk of breast cancer in women. For additional information, please refer to the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute website at


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When we hear a client say,

"There's such a sense of peace here," 


there's only one sufficient reply:

"That's because God is here."




By Kay Gardner


As SLM's 30 year Anniversary approaches this coming year, reflections abound. One vivid memory highlights an occasion that occurred over ten years ago. It was a time when SLM was actively assisting a Romanian Pregnancy Help Center by strategic planning, training of Romania's future directors and, finally, a Post-abortion Healing conference held at a gigantic, Gothic-looking church. On the last day of the 3 day conference, a Memorial Service was held with the purpose of honoring the life of each woman's child. That night a Romanian pastor spoke of a Savior God whose love brings assurance that no sin exceeds the forgiveness of God. The room grew silent as the impact of his words settled in and soon attention was redirected to an altar-like table where dozens of unlit tea candles were scattered. Among the tiny candles stood a tall, white taper burning brightly. One by one, each lady was invited to 'come up' to light a tea candle in commemoration of her baby's life. The minutes passed. But no one moved. The shame of abortion hung heavily into the air-like an evil interception of God's grace that hindered approaching the 'altar.' At long last, a lady in her 60s rose from her chair and stepped towards the altar-as she touched the flame of the taper to the nearest tea candle, the flame caught readily, but she remained. Another candle was lit...then another...and still another...until at last 30 tiny candles burned brightly.  After returning the taper to its holder, she turned to the group and with tearful eyes, began to speak. Although the language of her heart transcended her native language, our translator leaned forward to whisper, "She is expressing her thankfulness to God...that He has forgiven her of many sins." 


That day, Satan's loss was God's gain as woman after woman now proceeded to the altar.  At the end, candles were aflame with the message of forgiveness-a Savior's gift still bringing light to  the darkness.


"In Him was life and the life was the light of men."


"If there were no God, there would be no atheists."

C.K. Chesterton, Where All Roads Lead, 1922



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