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In our last post, we told the story of “Ruby”, a recent client who came into our center abortion-minded. Upon her ultrasound, she was shocked to learn that she was 35 weeks along – and very close to delivery. We asked for prayers for “Ruby” as she sought medical care and prepared for the birth of her baby, and potentially made an adoption plan. Click here to read the first part of Ruby’s story if you missed it last time! We’re pleased to share that the story didn’t end there…

Life for “Ruby” had changed drastically after visiting our center for her ultrasound. After months of not even realizing she was pregnant, the ultrasound revealed she was, in fact, 35 weeks along, despite barely showing on her petite frame. With a very short amount of time to prepare to deliver her baby, Ruby discussed with our nurse and a member of our staff the possibility of adoption. While this sounded like it might be a good option for her, in fact the only option she could wrap her head around, there were other details to be handled first. Our nurse sonographer, Marni, advised Ruby to seek medical attention as soon as possible, as she needed to find a hospital to deliver her baby – soon! This would prove to be more difficult than expected – since Ruby had gone 35 weeks of her pregnancy without any prenatal care, many doctors were hesitant to take on her case. After some advocating for Ruby by our nurses, we were happy to learn that Ruby was finally under a doctor’s care.

Our staff waited anxiously for news as Ruby’s due date became closer. Would the baby be healthy after months of no medical care? What must Ruby be feeling? Overwhelmed didn’t even begin to cover it. Ruby had shared earlier that none of her family, who all lived on the West Coast, would be able to be at the hospital for her baby’s birth. She was understandably very nervous. We prayed for her often, always keeping her and her baby in our thoughts.

Finally, Marni was able to get in touch with Ruby. “Hi Marni, it’s been a hectic time since I last spoke to you…” A picture of love, support and joy followed this message.

God had such a beautiful plan for Ruby and her little one. Baby Liliana was born May 9th, perfectly healthy. Doctors had congratulated Ruby on a healthy baby despite having no prenatal care. Although Ruby had shared how nervous she was before the birth, she had people in her corner: “even having no family, I had my small support team walk with me every step ever since leaving your office.” Her friends surrounded her and her baby on the day of delivery.

Following Liliana’s arrival, Marni asked Ruby how she was feeling about motherhood, hinting at the previous discussion of adoption just a few weeks before. In this conversation, it became abundantly clear that Ruby was so in love with her sweet daughter. “I know it sounds cliché, but as soon as they handed her to me after she was born, I fell in love.” She told us how she was learning to be a mom, despite only having had two weeks to prepare before Liliana’s arrival. Ruby had experienced such an abrupt shift in her life with such grace – her entire mindset had changed when she became a mother. Now her priority was thinking about what would be best for her baby, from taking her to all of her check-ups to ensuring their living situation was the best it could be for Liliana.

About a month after Liliana’s birth, we learned that Ruby planned to move back home to the West Coast to be with her family. We knew that we had to do something to show our support for her before she left town, so we organized a little something special to celebrate Baby Liliana and Ruby’s graceful transition to motherhood.

Ruby was so shocked when she arrived at her baby shower. With Baby Liliana and a faithful friend joining her, she smiled and softly chatted with our staff as we asked after the baby’s health, on how Ruby was doing, and their plans for the move. We were able to provide Ruby with a few gifts to support herself and Ruby as they built their new life together as mom and daughter on the West Coast. It was so evident to us that day that baby Liliana had stolen Ruby’s heart, and Ruby had embraced being a mom in the sweetest way.

Our staff was filled with joy upon seeing this family who we had prayed over for weeks so perfectly protected in God’s plan. Ruby expressed her thanks for all the support our center had given her, through the first medical services she had received from us initially, to the kindness our nurse Marni had shown in following up with her, and finally to our joyful send-off at this baby shower. In one final message, she thanked us: “This was all so amazing and I am so blessed people like you guys exist. I feel so special and more supported during this time of my life. This experience will follow me forever.”

Please continue to pray for Ruby and baby Liliana as they build their new life as mom and daughter on the West Coast! God has protected and provided for these two faithfully, and we know His plan for this family is beautiful!

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